Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The BBC One series SHERLOCK returned on New Year's Day and it didn't disappoint. It's not often you get such a high standard of literal puzzles crammed into one episode of a detective drama. You were left gasping for breath at the end and needed to re-watch certain parts as they went by in a blizzard of conundrums.

The two leading men are excellent, as are all the supporting cast.

Another strength of the series is the way it brings the stories from Arthur Conan Doyle into to-day's world.

Ingenious. In every sense of the world.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

From Championship To Premiership...

It's quite amazing the amount of media attention a football club gets in The Premiership compared to the Championship.

I've been made acutely aware of this since QPR got promoted in May.

Whilst they lingered in the lower leagues I had to search for any stories or info about the club. (They were virtually non-existent in the Irish 'papers). Now, I get kept up to date just by flicking open the sports pages or by just watching the news on the telly.

Also, there are no more midnight hour late nights to see the goals as they can be seen at more civilised times on RTE & BBC on Saturday or Sunday evenings.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The #VinB Twitter Phenonemon...

The Tonight With Vincent Browne tv show (& it's sister show on Friday night) is a perfect vehicle for the social media site (search #VinB)

The twitter chat about the show reached it's zenith last Friday night with the Jedward appearance on the show. The show was itself was highly entertaining Friday night crack which was raised another notch by the twitter chat during it.

It's very hard describing the appeal of twitter to people who don't use it. It's a bit like trying to describe the taste of water.

But try this: The next time you watch a popular favourite tv show, go onto and search for live comments about the show. It should give you the flavour.

Stress Tested In Ireland...

So, we're are putting another €24 Billion into the banks. This brings the total since September 2008 to €71Billion (click HERE).

Comprehending this figure is impossible but what's more incredible is how it was allowed to happen.

We're now going to go back to just 2 commercial banks in the country. Therefore a duopoly will probably occur. No foreign banks will be coming here for a long time. Competition is effectively gone.

Competition in the marketplace is always reeled out as the answer to everything.

What's the answer now?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extravagant But Nice...

I recently ordered this holder for all my Bob Dylan cd's. It certainly wasn't necessary but I justified it as restoring LP sized album artwork to my collection (I gave away any Dylan albums I had on vinyl when cd's came in years ago).

It being my birthday in the coming weeks was a further justification. Also, it looks rather lovely:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cowen & The Bankers.....

As we watch the last days of these Fianna Fáil led governments it really is worth dwelling on the day of golfing that Cowen had with Seanie Fitz of Anglo Irish Bank.

This highlighted the type of people Cowen, Bertie, Harney, McCreevy et al go to for "chats" about the economy. That is gamblers & people who move money around. Not people who actually generate wealth.

But apart from all that, this behaviour displayed to all regulators & Central Bank officials who they shouldn't hassle with, ehhhh, regulation. I mean, can you imagine an official trying to rein in Seanie knowing he socialises with the Prime Minister?

It's all tawdry and incestuous. I've always reckoned it's been down to just a few people that the whole country is in the desperate state it's in. Hearing about Cowen, Seanie & 2 other Anglo related men hanging out on a "day off" I don't need to alter that position.

Of course, the call now is "we're all in this together". Yeah, cheers lads. Hole in one.