Monday, May 24, 2010

Bob Dylan's "Love & Theft"...

... is his best recent album. Here's a good collection of the music that influenced it:

"Love And Theft" from dagb on Vimeo.

Bob Dylan's 69th Birthday...

Was awoken this May24th to texts from friends asking did I hear the Bob Dylan discussion "Is He Any Good?" on The Tubridy Radio show on RTÉ Radio. I hadn't, but I replayed it HERE later.

Most people don't think much of Dylan and all the usual points are put forward in this radio discussion, i.e. "can't sing", "grumpy", "doesn't talk enough in concert", "his songs are better sung by other people" etc.

These are all valid points that I disagree with but the idea that I could try and change the mindsets of people who believe these things has long passed. Indeed, it's a bit like trying to convince an alco-pops drinker that Guinness is a nice drink, so I'm not going to start doing it here.

The Dylan admirer these days is positively in the minority, and has to suffer the derision, bemusement, and dismissal of everyone else.

But, don't think twice, it's alright; we're used to it.

The Future Is Here And It's Creepy...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ireland's Tiresome Chat Show Guests...

On The Late Late Show on RTE1 last night I see that Bill bloody Cullen was a guest, then I see that Idele "have we talked enough about me yet? no way. Did you know I used to be called Twink" King was on. I was gonna write something about the tiredness of this stuff but THIS sketch says it all:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vote Liberal Democrat get Conservative...

With to-day's announcement that the Lib Dems have gone into coalition with the Tories to make David Cameron prime-minister, I can't help feeling there must be an awful lot of pretty disappointed Clegg voters.

As an outsider looking in, the Liberals always looked closer to the Labourites. Also the Liberal Democrats are a very pro-European party and the Conservatives, let's be kind, aren't.

And of course, if Irish history is anything to go by, it's the junior party in a coalition that always gets hammered in any subsequent General Election.

A big gamble by Mr. Clegg who remember, actually lost seats in the recent election.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scott Walker Sings Dylan...

This is nice:

The Duke & The King: The Academy 2

The Duke & And The King were in Dublin for the last show of their British/Irish tour. And so it was off to The Academy to find out it was actually the underground part that we, and the band, were corralled in to. Simone Felice wasn't happy but, after letting his feelings been known about his London agent putting everyone into the pit of Hades, things went heavenly.

It's hard not to use religious imagery when describing my first time seeing The Duke & The King (and Simone since The Felice Brothers' magnificent show in The Sugar Club in 2008). After hearing the main man singing "If You Ever Get Famous" back-to-back with "The Morning I Get To Hell" I could have finished my pint of stout, grabbed my coat, and went to the next pub happy. However, the other members had even more to bring to the congregation. Even though there were only three more persons in the band, and maybe 100 people in the audience, you had to look around and wonder who was making whichever angelic sound was resting on your ears. Every voice had that kind of spooky. Of course, you could also be asked for a dance and a twirl by whichever band member didn't have a part to play at that particular time. The spirits were always high.

Apart from almost all the "Nothing Gold Can Stay" album there were also cover versions of Felice Brothers' songs alongside a spiritual version of the Neil Young song Helpless.

A quite beautiful night.