Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cowen & The Bankers.....

As we watch the last days of these Fianna Fáil led governments it really is worth dwelling on the day of golfing that Cowen had with Seanie Fitz of Anglo Irish Bank.

This highlighted the type of people Cowen, Bertie, Harney, McCreevy et al go to for "chats" about the economy. That is gamblers & people who move money around. Not people who actually generate wealth.

But apart from all that, this behaviour displayed to all regulators & Central Bank officials who they shouldn't hassle with, ehhhh, regulation. I mean, can you imagine an official trying to rein in Seanie knowing he socialises with the Prime Minister?

It's all tawdry and incestuous. I've always reckoned it's been down to just a few people that the whole country is in the desperate state it's in. Hearing about Cowen, Seanie & 2 other Anglo related men hanging out on a "day off" I don't need to alter that position.

Of course, the call now is "we're all in this together". Yeah, cheers lads. Hole in one.

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