Friday, April 1, 2011

The #VinB Twitter Phenonemon...

The Tonight With Vincent Browne tv show (& it's sister show on Friday night) is a perfect vehicle for the social media site (search #VinB)

The twitter chat about the show reached it's zenith last Friday night with the Jedward appearance on the show. The show was itself was highly entertaining Friday night crack which was raised another notch by the twitter chat during it.

It's very hard describing the appeal of twitter to people who don't use it. It's a bit like trying to describe the taste of water.

But try this: The next time you watch a popular favourite tv show, go onto and search for live comments about the show. It should give you the flavour.

Stress Tested In Ireland...

So, we're are putting another €24 Billion into the banks. This brings the total since September 2008 to €71Billion (click HERE).

Comprehending this figure is impossible but what's more incredible is how it was allowed to happen.

We're now going to go back to just 2 commercial banks in the country. Therefore a duopoly will probably occur. No foreign banks will be coming here for a long time. Competition is effectively gone.

Competition in the marketplace is always reeled out as the answer to everything.

What's the answer now?